@HBLPak Can I get an HBL gold credit card without opening an HBL bank account or is the HBL bank account mandatory for HBL Credit card?

Feeling sad about work. Don't know what should I do. What direction should i take with freelancing. How to get work. Getting tired with life. Don't think I will be able to do anything in life. #sad #work #feelingdown #tired jawadrashid photo

@365datascience Hi. I am enrolled in the free April offer for data science. I wanted to ask will I lose access to videos for completed courses in data science if I don't pay after April 15?

Some vital information about the virus. Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19 via

@talfishman On your latest video titled "Struggles Only Girls Understand Ft. My Girlfriend" please update your second channel link in the video description. It is showing the URL to be /user/freetime which is giving 404 error instead it is /user/TalandShort . I love your content.

@GreenManGaming I got your newsletter 1 hour ago which mentioned resident evil 2 remake giveaway. I checked it 30 minutes after receiving the newsletter and what you know the giveaway is expired and it says to signup to newsletter to avoid expired giveaway. What an irony. 😡

Worst customer support ever. Didn't bring my drinks with pizza. Asked the delivery person and he said will send them in few minutes. Called after an hour to complain and they said the person has left and tried...

@elventusgg I game because it relaxes me and i enjoy playing games to take mind of things. Also, it help to see creativity of game developers on how they make new and exciting games which i like.

They are making it harder for small companies to compete in freelancing. First they charged 20% on small projects, then hiding profiles if not able to get work and now asking freelancers to pay to even bid. This will hurt us small startups.
#Upwork #Bad

Nice to see this news. Finally github has caught up the competition like bitbucket. #BitBucket #Github

Now all major mooc sites have gone paid.Disappointing that these sites have to make it harder for free users to enjoy the content.I would have liked if they had allowed users to submit assignments but not give certificates instead of restricting access

It is strange that Superman does not have an pc game where superman is the main hero whereas there have been multiple games for batman and spider man. I think it would be interesting to see a pc game for superman. Just a thought #Superman #Batman #Spiderman #pcgaming

@Uber_Support Your in-app support stopped all communication with me saying that i should block or mute email in gmail from other person instead of resolving my issue. I tried contacting them again on same thread but they never gave any reply back. You guys really need to improve your support.

@Uber_Support This is poor support where you guys registered an uber account linked to someone else with my email address even though i never verified the account from my email & you are refusing to remove my email from that account even though the other person has given you wrong email

@Uber_Support I have done that. You guys redirected me to & i email there along with all my details & after verifying the support time replied to just block the other person in gmail instead of removing my email from other Uber account. That is not the correct solution.

Poor job & shame on @Uber @Uber_Support . My gmail address without dots has been registered with someone else's Uber. Now i am receiving Uber trip messages from someone in Mexico.I tried contacting Uber support and they say to unsub or block email.They have not resolved my issue

I will play Far cry 5 on this pc. The Holy Grail of Monitors + Gaming PC (Giveaway) @NVIDIAGeForce @Ed_TechSource #GSYNCEXPERIENCE

I entered to win this amazing PC Upgrade bundle from JayzTwoCents!

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