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About Myself & Company

Hi my name is Jawad Rashid. I am currently working in my own company nDataConsulting as a Data Scientist which deals in mainly Big Data technologies, data science, data analysis and visualization. We also develop web applications on the latest technologies both in open source and microsoft technologies. We work on backend MySql, NoSql(Mongo etc), Graph Databases(Neo4J etc) and more,  Also, we work on mobile apps native(iOS, Android, Microsoft) and hybrid.

I have done my bachelors and master in Computer Science from Pakistan top universities Fast-NU and LUMS. I got more interested in data science field for last 2 years and i read up on required material needed to do data science from MOOC courses on edX, coursera and more from top Universities in the world like Stanford, MIT etc. I have gained a lot of experience in statisical inference, tools like Weka, R and more and  data visualization in d3.js, R charts etc.

I have also interest in mobile game development and currently i devote my free time to making my own strategy/puzzle game on iOS devices initially.

You can view my work on behance.net/jawadrashid and my company site is nDataConsulting.com. You can view my profile on linked on pk.linkedin.com/in/jawadrashid/. My twitter handle is @jawadrashid and facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/jawad.rashid

Space Shooter Extended & Mobile


Space Shooter is a top down Shoot’em up game where you control a space ship and you can move or shoot to dodge incoming rocks and enemy ships. You can  shoot rocks or enemy ships to score points. You can move anywhere on the screen to dodge or shoot where the obstacles/enemies drop from the top of the screen and go to the bottom of the screen. If a rock or enemy hits you it is game over. You can restart the game. There are Web GL version and android version of the game. 

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Roll A Ball

This demo is for the unity tutorial i followed named roll a ball(Full tutorial here). The tutorial was built using latest Unity version 2017.1.0f3. This tutorial teaches the basics of unity development from setting up the game layout, adding game objects, programming in C# scripting, controlling game object through keyboard buttons, detecting collisions and collecting game objects with other game objects. The demo is the result of following the tutorial and is my version of the demo. You can view a video demo below as well.

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Twitch Status Application

Twitch Status Application

This app uses twitch API to show which twitch channels are currently streaming and online/offline. If a channel is streaming it shows the current status for the channel. If a channel has closed down or does not exist it shows message. You can filter users by their status All, online and offline. This page uses Bootstrap, Twitch API and AngularJS 1.5.8.

View the full pen at http://codepen.io/jawadrashid2011/full/qqYYZd

Twitch-API https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/v3_resources/streams.md#get-streamschannel

See the Pen Twitch Status Application by Jawad Rashid (@jawadrashid2011) on CodePen.0


Wikipedia Article Reader

Wikipedia Article Reader

This app uses wikipedia api to get random articles from wikipedia or use wikipedia search api to list down wikipedia results for a term using wikipedia. This page uses Bootstrap, Wikipedia API and AngularJS 1.5.8.

View the full pen at https://codepen.io/jawadrashid2011/full/VmrMyL


See the Pen Wikipedia Article Reader by Jawad Rashid (@jawadrashid2011) on CodePen.0